Graduating from university in 2013, I had followed the expected paths to a good life, being carried by the academic current, once that motion had stopped I was truly lost.

Hopping between multiple jobs, starting my own business and renting housing without reason, I took the brave decision to stop.  Stripping back my life, simplifying and starting from the beginning, constantly asking myself the question, Why?

January 2015 I left my commission enticing sales job in the City, I moved back home with my parents and began studying The Knowledge of London.

It was a path like no other, studying through passion and the desire to improve myself rather than the means of achieving an academic deadline.  I was brutal with my life, I removed the non essential and questioned what truly mattered to me and what I wanted to achieve.

I am now a London black cab driver, step one in my mission to lead an intentional life. Why do we work? How much work do we need to live a satisfying life?  My new mission is to challenge these notions and share my findings.

On this blog I will post; life observations, difficult scenarios and my moments of epiphany.  My aim is to inspire, but also to gain a better understanding of these situations by summarising and sharing them.

Much Love


January 2018